`` As a photographer in Bali, Dasha is without parallel. Her eye for aesthetic detail, her professional rigour, and her artistic ambitions find no rival on the island and, quite possibly, in the broader region. Her ability to manipulate objects – even the most mundane – into vivid still-lifes puts her in the tradition of Cézanne and the great impressionists. Under her lens, the rudimentary becomes the revolutionary; the everyday, the sublime. Like a modern-day Proust of the visual image, she is able to capture the transcendent in a humble apple, in a skittish smile, in a passing moment. Life is breathed into her subjects as if by some Paganini-esque devilry. Succinctly put, Dasha is a magician. Better yet – she is an artist, one of the truest, purist sort.``

Ilario Colli

Founder of the “Soulbytes cafe”

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