About Me

Hi! My name is Dasha Almazova and I have over a decade of experience in the photography industry. My work dances around imperfectly perfect candid scenarios. I dedicate my time to capturing as many quality Kodak moments as I can, for my clients and myself. I’ve been told that my observational skills are one of my main selling points, I prize myself in being able to capture the intersection of movement and grace.

My eye naturally gravitates towards scenes of discovering beauty in the mundane, yielding images that provide a sense of fascination in story-telling.

My clientele spans from Belveder, president Jokowi, , TEDex, Roger Hamilton among others and I believe that my portfolio is a visual testimony to the Balinese lifestyle through dozens of years residing in Bali. My style is bold and organic, yet intentional. During my off days, I like to fill my time with creativity, either through my passion for reading; I have a my own mini library, and experimental gardening! You might also catch me with my 4 dogs and cats that I adore.


Client List

Belveder, president Jokowi, , TEDex, Roger Hamilton, Taryn Lee, Erika Pena